Poland, Chlorinated solvent-contaminated site on shallow alluvial aquifer

This field site is an unconfined alluvial aquifer consisting of interbedded gravels, sands, slits, clays and other Quaternary river deposits, which has been contaminated by chlorinated solvents (PCE and TCE) released from a former metal works and ammunition factory. Previous research shows that the chlorinated solvents are attenuated by different processes, including biodegradation and sorption, within the heterogeneous aquifer sediments, but the contaminant plume is sustained by a complex source area at the site. The groundwater monitoring infrastructure at the site includes a network of single screen monitoring wells and piezometers, which provide high-resolution monitoring of the plume chemistry, contaminant distribution and in situ biodegradation processes for the chlorinated solvents. The site is currently being evaluated for the installation of an in situ permeable reactive barrier to support the remediation plan.


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