Links with external organisations

ADVOCATE will coordinate with other science-based networks and industry forums within Europe and overseas, that are involved in sustainable remediation initiatives, knowledge transfer and training. The aim is to develop collaborative training activities (e.g. technical workshops and short courses) and promote research dissemination via this association, and contribute to working groups with them. These forums include:

  • ChloroNET (, involved in disseminating cross-sector experience on solvent-contaminated sites, developing coordinated management strategies and cost-effective remediation
  • Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe ( ), which promotes industry-academic co-operation on the development and application of sustainable technologies
  • EURODEMO ( which was established through the European Commission's Environmental Technology Action Plan (ETAP) to host international information sources and a web inventory on remediation technology demonstration, share knowledge and practical experience between countries
  • Sustainable Remediation Forum-UK (SuRF-UK:, a network of UK-based industry and regulatory bodies set-up to develop sustainability within soil and groundwater remediation
  • Sustainable Remediation Forum-USA (SuRF-USA:, with the same focus as SURF-UK
  • Sustainable Remediation Forum Australia (SuRF-Australia:, with the same focus as SURF-UK
  • TIMBRE (, which supports brownfield regeneration in Europe by providing stakeholders and end-users with tailored packages of state-of-the-art technologies, management tools and information for reuse planning and sustainable remediation of megasites


Associated Partners