Aims & Objectives

As a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, ADVOCATE will provide advanced training to early stage and experienced researchers in scientific, technical and practical skills related to the research of sustainable in situ remediation techniques and applications for contaminated land and groundwater.

The specific objectives of ADVOCATE are to :

  • Train a group of highly qualified professionals in state-of-the-art approaches for in situ land and groundwater remediation
  • Research innovative processes and techniques for the sustainable remediation of contaminants in situ
  • Develop process-level understanding and appraise technology concepts at laboratory-scale through to field-scale application
  • Develop a decision-making framework for the use of in situ remediation in the sustainable development of groundwater resources, considering relevant technical, environmental, social and economic issues
  • Deliver a programme of knowledge transfer and public outreach on sustainable in situ remediation for contaminated land and groundwater for researchers, practitioners and other end-users
  • Develop collaborative links with other science-based networks and industry forums within Europe and overseas, which are involved in sustainable remediation research, knowledge transfer and training to identify new initiatives in these areas


Associated Partners